Useful facts and stats about Websites and Social Media from around the world

There two kinds of people in the world. Those who have a website and those who don’t. I’m just kidding 🙂 . Let’s get serious ‘tho, there are people all around the world with good businesses that can flourish when backed up with a website or a strong social media profile.

People usually don’t understand the power Internet has today and still believe that mouth to mouth is the way to go. Sure, mouth to mouth is actually the most trustful source of marketing since a VERY satisfied customer will spread the word about your business. But nowadays this marketing way is about to extinct.

Take a look at the infographic about Websites and Social Media and see how people feel about websites and social media. In this post i am not going to analyze any of the information stated in the infographic. I will do that in a future post.

Websites and social media infographics

Websites Infographics


What are your thought on the subject? Do you belong somewhere inside the infographic? I would be very interested to know so make a comment below.

  • Jonathan says:

    That’s interesting. I find myself among some of the facts there. But after talking with a lot of different tech guys i have changed my mind to the better. I am actually planning on launching a website for my restaurant. A lot of planning needs to be done first 🙂

    • Mary says:

      I believe niche markets are what drives people off sometimes. As well as the big competition on some sectors.

      Jonathan, good luck on your website!!! 🙂

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