Reasons why your Business needs to be on Social Media now!

Not only is it a good idea for you to be where your customers are, but it’s common sense.  And, your customers are on social media.  Check out these seven reasons why your business should be more social.



1. You can get TONS of customer feedback through social media

It’s a known fact that when people (in this case your customers) have anything to share about their experience, they almost always share it on social media sites.  Now that right there is a gold mine for business owners! The more feedback you get from customers, the better you are at making business decisions.

2. Increase your business’ integrity and reputation

Imagine this… What do you think will happen if you have a fan page and your followers (which are your existing or previous customers of course) are leaving testimonials about how awesome your products or services are?  That’s going to skyrocket your business’ integrity. It’s going to make it a lot easier for you to pull-in new customers, close contracts, and grow your business!


3. It’s a perfect way to showcase your products

Social media has in fact revolutionised how business works. Through social media, you can easily show your products to your customers.  For example, you can easily take pictures of your products through your mobile device and share it to your social media connections. There are also programs for your computer that allow you to access Instagram from your laptop.

4. Bring more traffic to your website

Now I don’t know about you, but if you still don’t have a website for your business, then you’re definitely giving your competition an unfair advantage over you.

However, the thing is, simply having a website won’t cut-it. Doing SEO to increase your site’s visibility and traffic is also a risky game to play. The good news is there’s a better solution.  Once again, you guessed it right. Social media.  Social media can help bring traffic to your website, and it’s becoming more important to search engines, now, too. The more you nurture your followers, the higher the probability of them sharing your posts with a link to your site.

5. Connect with clients

Guess what business owners are using right now as their means of communicating with their clients?  Yep. Social media! If that doesn’t convince you, 93% of marketers use social media for business.  Are you included in that statistic? Facebook is one of the most popular with 1.19 billion monthly active users as of September 2013.  People are talking about your products whether you realize it or not.  Be part of that conversation.  In fact, 53% of people on twitter recommend products in their tweets, and 90% of people trust online recommendations from people they know. (See more Social Stats here.)

6. Close transaction/sales online more efficiently

We can add “buy now” buttons on your Facebook account. Once you have all these set-up, transactions can be made making it easier for your customers to buy.  If your customers are buying through your social media profile, then you won’t have to do the transaction manually or physically depending on what type of business you have.  That’s a cut in your manpower and operational costs!

Makes sense, right?  Just remember that a lot of business owners are ALREADY harnessing the power of social media for their business. If social media has taken these business owners to greater heights, then why not let it work for you as well?

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